Does the Microsoft Points Generators work?

You have probably been looking around Youtube and Google for Microsoft Points Generators. Do you think they are legit and trustworthy? Find out the truth behind Microsoft Points Generators HERE. I'm not just going to talk about the truth behind Microsoft Points Generators, I will also tell you a great way to get Microsoft Points for FREE, without using Microsoft Points Generators!

Here is the truth behind Microsoft Points Generators. They claim to hack Microsoft severs and get unlimited Microsoft Points for FREE with just a click. They say they hack the servers depending on your country, but even if you tried from the U.S.A. or the U.K., you will just have problems and invalid Microsoft Points Codes!

Most of the Microsoft Points Generators will ask you for your user-name and password. When you type in your user-name and password and click "Get Microsoft Points For FREE or Generate Microsoft Points", it hacks your personal information!

There is no way for anyone to make a legit Microsoft Points Generator, because no one can hack the Microsoft Points Code System. I have a friend who tried to use a Microsoft Points Generator, ended up with a virus, had his mom's credit card hacked, and had to send his computer to a shop to be fixed! He ended up wasting $500 instead of just buying the points for $50, or getting Microsoft Points For FREE from legit websites like

How do Microsoft Points Generators hack your account? They are programmed using Visual Basic, and use a way to send your log-in information (Xbox Live Account) to their G-mail account.

I really hope you've learned something from here and now know the truth behind Microsoft Points Generators. NEVER DOWNLOAD MICROSOFT POINTS GENERATORS! They are fake and contain viruses. They will harm your computer, and your Xbox Live Account will be banned by Microsoft. Microsoft Points Generators will mess up your computer and cause you nothing but trouble.

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