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Is this going to be legal? Yes, this is 100% legal and FREE to join. There's a shoutbox on the site so you can meet other members and chat, or ask them for help. If you still don't believe me, or think this might be a scam, then look at the testimonials page to see proof for yourself. This website has hundreds of thousands of members, many of which have received their own Free Microsoft Points!.

What do I need to do to get started earning Free Microsoft Points?
Make a junk e-mail address (try Hotmail or Yahoo), because you will get tons of spam e-mail. Don't use temporary e-mail services though, as this will just result in your account getting banned.

How does Points2Shop.com work?
Companies pay Points2Shop when users complete offers and surveys. Points2Shop then pays users a percentage of what the advertisers pay them. You should note that 100 points = $1 Click to get started... it's FREE!

How To Get Free Microsoft Points:

Step 1: Sign-up. Go to Points2Shop and create an account. They will ask you for your e-mail address, make sure to give them your real one because they will e-mail your Free Microsoft Points there. They will also ask for your name and address, but don't worry, they won't spam you. They only need your address to mail you prizes if you do end up getting stuff from the site that has to be me mailed. After you finish creating your account, they will send an activation link to your e-mail address. Click on the link to confirm your account. You will also get a 250 point bonus for doing so.

Step 2: Earn points. Head over the the "Earn Points" section. You will find a list of offers and how much they pay out if they credit. When you complete offers, make sure to use your real info and use your junk e-mail account. Also, be sure to check your e-mail after completing an offer because some offers require you to click on a confirmation link they send you. Otherwise, you might not receive credit for completing these offers. Use a browser that allow cookies, personally I use Firefox.

Step 3: Claim your prize. Once you have enough points, go order your Free Microsoft Points! Go to the "Spend Points" section and select your prize to order. Now you might be wondering, “What can I order from Points2Shop?” They have tons of prizes to choose from, video games, consoles (Xbox, Wii, PSP, DS, and PS3), iPods, Mp3 players, etc. I have personally received 2 Xbox games from Points2Shop for FREE! You can also get Prepaid Cards, Nexon Cards, Wii Points Cards, Ultimate Game Cards, etc. e-mailed to you.